SAP-Primavera Integration With Our Expertise

Users at organizations running SAP and Primavera in parallel are often forced to wait while the two systems synchronize. Delays mean productivity, accuracy, and timely decision-making are all put on hold.

Carbon is a next-generation solution that rapidly synchronizes SAP and project planning systems. Keep your users productive making accurate decisions!


Simplified Project Management

Synchronized Systems

Integrated Project Management

Using HANA Smart Data Integration (SDI), Carbon automatically keeps project systems in sync. Manual sync is also available for more immediate needs.

Carbon tightly integrates SAP and Primavera P6 systems to ensure project, MRP, and financial information is always up to date.

Designed for End User

Available on Premise or in the Cloud

A simple Fiori-based UI allows users to easily setup and manage integration with rich data governance and security functionality.

Lower IT infrastructure costs with in-memory performance that increases speed and reduces latency. Carbon is also available as an application bundled in the SAP Cloud Platform.

Seamlessly Integrate SAP ERP and Primavera P6

Better Resource Utilization

Increase System Productivity

Increase profitability through improved plant uptime and reduced risk of process overrun

Eliminate manual re-entry of project details across multiple systems, reducing errors

Improve employee safety due to proper planning

Accurately forecast schedules, costs, and resources across all work types including capital, turnaround, and daily maintenance

Faster Performance

Implementers and end-users can define data flows with extraordinary performance and flexibility

Carbon features a single technology layer capable of accessing every data source

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With Martin Stenzig, Chief Technology Officer, Rizing

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