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A core SAP ERP solution delivered with pre-configured content to accelerate your ability to track, maintain, and manage your fleet's complete lifecycle, brought to you by Rizing.

SAP Fleet Configuration Rationale

Test Scripts

Best Practice Process Flows

A comprehensive repository of pre-configured artifacts, built based on Rizing's best practice industry experience

Workshop Employee Training Presentations

Data Load Sheets

Instructions Guide

Standard Fleet Taxonomy Index 

Fleet Reporting

Fleet Budgeting

Vehicle Replacement

Asset Retirement

Work Management

Core SAP ERP Fleet lifecycle management functionality

Fuel Processing

New Vehicle Processing

Vehicle Procurement

Fleet Master Data

Vehicle Delivery/Receiving


Accelerate your ability to track, maintain and manage your fleet's complete lifecycle with our comprehensive repository of pre-configured fleet artifacts.

Instructions guide

Workshop employee training presentations

A comprehensive repository of pre-configured artifacts built based on Rizing's best practice industry experience.

SAP fleet configuration rational

Standard fleet taxonomy index

Best practice process flows

Test scripts

State of Good Repair (SOGR) add-on with a simplified UI

Data load sheets


Unlock the power of your entire Fleet, with Rizing's Fleet Lifecycle Management.

Fleet Budgeting

Prepare, present, and implement a sound budget by preparing individual line item costs as well as the variance analysis, all in a single place.

Vehicle Replacement

Accurately process vehicle replacement by predicting asset lifecycles based on costing information, utilization, and asset age.

Vehicle Procurement

Easily develop a sound fleet sourcing strategy to create value, help avoid unnecessary costs, and boost the productivity of your fleet and operations.

Fleet Master Data

Take control over your entire fleet data, and turn it into actionable business intelligence.

Vehicle Delivery / Receiving

Manage the delivery/receiving of your fleet efficiently and reduce turnaround time from pre-delivery inspection to asset creation and accounting readiness.

New Vehicle Processing

Process all of your new vehicle titles, registrations, warranties and more, seamlessly. 

Fuel Processing

Utilize a standard model and processes that integrate with WEX, Fuelman, Gasboy and others to increase efficiency and accommodate internal, external, and mobile fueling needs.

Work Management

Organize and coordinate work vehicles to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and provide compliance with government regulations.

Asset Retirement

Build, monitor, and maintain your asset retirement strategy, regularly reflecting market conditions and asset performance changes as needed.

Fleet Reporting

Maximize profitability by making the right decision for your business at the right time, using real-time fleet data.


Are you currently experiencing any of these common fleet management issues?

Difficulty tracking vehicle lifecycle activities in real-time, including end of life determination and re-sell value.

Inability to track vehicle usage, fuel consumption and cost of maintenance to quickly identify cost-saving measures.

The need to effectively plan, schedule and execute maintenance activities to ensure compliance.

Compliance and fleet risk management reporting to ensure a full audit trail is readily accessible.

Siloed systems and applications where both asset and work management data are managed separately.

Difficulty identifying a trusted source of truth (System of Record) for asset data.

Difficulty deploying seamless end-to-end business processes that are aligned with different systems.

Unreliable data for decision making.


Start seeing how this solution could benefit your Fleet today.

Streamline operation and maintenance workflows by leveraging a comprehensive integrated solution – track technician productivity, asset health and repair expenses in a single system.

Reduce lifecycle costs – real-time insights help optimize maintenance activities and vehicle replacement cycles, which have a direct impact on maintenance and fuel costs.

Create traceable, verifiable, and complete asset records.

Improve data integrity, safety, and compliance reporting by ensuring asset information is accurate and accessible.

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Explore The All-In-One Fleet Lifecycle Management Solution Today And:

  • Reduce the risk of accidents
  • Control maintenance costs
  • Decrease fuel bills
  • Turn your fleet data into actionable business intelligence

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